In my works as a
director, producer and
audiovisual creative,
I focus on the relationship
between people and the
space they inhabit.

During the last ten years my projects have been exploring different ways how to manifest cultural heritage in territories. I have been touching aspects of continuity, transformation, and I also wanted to convey how environmental changes affect everyday life.

My research raises the main question that travels throughout my work –

‘In a new complex world which is constantly affected by migration, climate change, population growth and economic crisis, how is the concept of living in the nearest future is being imagined?’

While searching for answers, I seek to generate reflections by using different strategies and audiovisual formats such as experimental videos, series and documentary material. I work with multidisciplinary teams, and we all carry a continuous exercise of actively listening to the participants of the projects.

My current exploration leads me to continue searching for other senses and go beyond visual expression. Together with a music researcher Luis Felipe Saavedra, we started the development of the documentary series ‘La Otra Tierra’, which is based on sound recording and atentive listening – it proposes a new way of understanding the relationship between people and their environment where sound is playing an important role.